14th place

161 points



Challenge Category Value Time
Crypto Base64 to ASCII Crypto 1
Password protected W2 workshop 2
Caesar salad W2 workshop 1
Keygen W2 workshop 9
Stegosaurus W2 workshop 3
sub-standard W2 workshop 2
Crypto Ascii to Hex Crypto 1
Cryptographie infaillible W2 workshop 2
Narnia0->1 W5 Workshop - Pwn 10
Steg Level 3 W7 Workshop - Steganography 10
Trivia W9 Workshop - AES 5
Et tu, Brute? W9 Workshop - AES 30
Starting Point W9 Workshop - AES 20
Better Monsec Practices W9 Workshop - AES 35
What is the true size of the second chunk in decimal? House of Force 10
What pointer does malloc return when allocating the third chunk? House of Force 10
What address does the fourth chunk start at? House of Force 10